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At the age of 17 Marcelle Poirier lost her mother from a violent cancer after a 6 year battle. She came to the U.S. with no family or money. Marcelle Poirier's will to succeed made her realize her dream to become an attorney and own her practice which she opened in 1998. Marcelle Poirier's goal is to help clients in every aspect of immigration to succeed benefiting from her learning experience and 25 years residence in the U.S. Marcelle Poirier represents her clients with conviction, never forgetting her past always remaining close to her clients' needs.

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Member of the Florida bar since 1995
Make your dream a reality.
Marcelle Poirier, Attorney US Law Immigration

The Law Firm of Marcelle Poirier is a law office specializing in U.S. immigration law. We represent individuals, professional athletes, families, small to medium size businesses, as well as publicly traded companies.

Marcelle Poirier is a former trial attorney in both civil and criminal courts. Marcelle Poirier won appeals in front of the 11th Circuit Court of Appeal as well as in the U.S. Federal District Court. Marcelle Poirier is an experienced advocate who knows and understands how to present evidence as well as documentation in front of authorities in any type of case or petition to favorably adjudicate the client’s immigration matter.

For the last sixteen years, Marcelle Poirier has handled hundreds of requests for American visas on behalf of her clients. The success rate for our firm for US visas is more than 98%. Marcelle Poirier’s reputation is now established and well known in the European and Canadian community.
Attorney Marcelle Poirier is listed as an immigration attorney with several consulates, including the French General Consulate in Miami, Florida.

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