Green Card and Marriage


In order to obtain all the advantages of the status (Green Card holder) through marriage to an American citizen, it is recommended not only to request a work permit, but also to apply for a travel permit.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Each spouse must have a valid marriage certificate.

  • The aliens will be interviewed by an immigration officer to prove that the marriage is legitimate before the granting of a temporary Green Card.
  • Status of dependents

  • The minor children of the spouse can accompany the alien to the US.
  • Period of Validity

  • If the marriage is less than 2 years, permanent residency (Green Card) will be temporarily granted for 2 years.

  • If the marriage is more than 2 years, permanent residency is granted for 10 years.
  • Particulars

  • If the spouse of the American citizen presently resides in the United States the American citizen must request permanent residency (Green Card) for the spouse in the United States together with a work permit. The spouse may obtain a work permit 90 days after the request is filed.

  • If the spouse lives abroad, the American citizen must request permanent residency (Green Card) and file an application for a K-3 visa in order to prove that the spouse was in the United States while waiting for permanent residency (Green Card).

  • Assuming the spouse travels overseas without a travel permit, there is a risk of being refused entry into the United States. The spouse must request a K-3 visa before returning to the US.