Political Asylum


Political Asylum is granted to citizens of foreign countries persecuted or in fear of persecution for political reasons in their country of origin.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Request for Political asylum must be made 1 year after arrival in the US.
  • The individual must prove that he/she was persecuted or in fear of persecution in his/her country of origin or that he/she will be persecuted if that individual were to return to his/her country.

  • Period of Validity

  • Life
  • Status of dependents

  • Spouses and minor children can immigrate with the visa of the individual who was granted political asylum and may obtain a work authorization.
  • Particulars

  • One year after the grant of political asylum, the individual and qualifying family members can apply for a Green Card.

  • This person can no longer return to the country of origin, otherwise, the individual will lose the Political Asylum status in the US.