Specialty Visa (P visa)


The P Visa is intended for world class athletes and entertainment professionals working in a group (i.e: companies, circus, musical bands, etc.) and who have achieved international recognition.

Eligibility Requirements

  • The candidates must have recognized extraordinary skills on a national or international level.
  • The eligibility requirements vary regarding athletes, groups of entertainers, or other professionals in the field.

  • Period of Validity

  • Group of entertainers and sports teams: 1 year, renewable once.
  • Athletes: 5 years, renewable once

  • Status of dependents

  • No work authorization is provided for the spouse of a P visa holder.
  • The minor children can immigrate with the P visa holder and attend school in the United States without having to request a student visa (F visa).

  • Particulars

  • After having obtained a P visa, the holder can apply for a Green Card. However depending on the individual’s qualification the P visa holder may require a Labor Certification.