Spouse Visa (K-3 visa)


The K-3 spouse visa is granted to the spouse of an American citizen who is residing overseas. This visa allows the spouse to reside and work in the United States while awaiting Permanent Residence (Green Card).

Eligibility Requirements

  • To obtain a K-3 visa for the spouse, the American citizen must forward a request to the immigration office.

  • Period of Validity

  • 2 years, renewable until permanent residence is granted.

  • Status of dependents

  • The K-3 visa enables the spouse and children to obtain Work Authorizations.

  • Particulars

  • This visa application must be filed in the country of origin of the foreign national. 

  • Only the spouse of an American citizen can receive a K-3 visa.

  • The spouse of a permanent resident (Green Card holder) cannot obtain a K-3 visa.