Our clients originate from every continent and are residents of over 30 different countries. Since the firm’s creation, the success rate of our firm for US visas is 98%. Since July 2006, 100 % of our clients who applied for the Lawful Permanent Residency have been certified by the US Department of Labor. As of today, we have handled hundreds of requests for American visas on behalf of our clients. Due to the increased complexity of US immigration laws, we have acquired the most avanced technology and have established a rigorous quality process. Consequently, our performances are constantly evaluated and measured by an expert in quality management. Our firm has handled complex immigration issues in emergency situations. The following are a few case examples that were successfully resolved.




2005 Two days before expiration of an   E-2 visa a client requested whether an extension could be filed. E-2 extension was filed with Texas, approved and visa was issued at the US consulate abroad.
2005 A client came to the office with a visa request that was denied. We were able to reclassify the visa and we successfully filed a new petition.
1995 – 2007 Since 1995, Jean Claude Biguinne’s Salons in Miami have a crucial need of french experimented stylists in order to maintain and improve their operations. We consistently have been able to provide Jean Claude Biguinne’s salons with E2 visas for specialists and managers positions.
2005 – 2007 Bois et Chiffons, a French public company listed on Paris Stock Exchange, wanted to develop its business in the US. Two L1 Visas has been obtained within 3 weeks for its top managers. Their L1 visas will help them to get soon the Lawful Permanent Residency (Green Card).
2006 -2007 The Labor Certification is one of the key element in obtaining the Lawful Permanent Residency (Green Card). For Green Card applicants, it’s also one of the stressful moment of the immigration process. Since July 2006, 100 % of our clients who applied for the Lawful Permanent Residency have been certified by the US Department of Labor.
2007 A nationally recognized French painter wanted to immigrate to Florida. The Law Firm of Marcelle Poirier provided her with a O Visa within 2 weeks. The O visa is intended for individuals who have extraordinary qualifications in the field of science, arts, sports, education and business. She can now apply for the Permanent residency without going through the labor certification stressful process.
2007 A French Chef awarded by the Michelin Red Guide wanted to create a new restaurant on the east coast of Florida. An investor visa (E -2 visa) application was filed by the law Firm of Marcelle Poirier and approved by the US immigration within 3 days.
2009 An E-2 Essential Skilled Employee wanted to obtain a non-immigrant visa to work as a maritime engineer in the United States. The petition was received and approved by the U.S. Embassy in 1 week.
2010 Two nationally renown professional golf players wanted to compete in the United States. The Law Firm of Marcelle Poirier obtained two P-1 visas for these professional athletes in 3 business days.
2010 An award winner nationally known Venezuelan Actress wanted to immigrate to the United States on a permanent basis. The Law Firm of Marcelle Poirier obtained approval of her Green Card petition based on EB-1 category in 1 day.
2009-2010 A Miami Italian Restaurant wanted to hire two Italian Executive Chefs. The Law Firm of Marcelle Poirier obtained two O-1 visas, each within a 1 week period.
2010 A French investor in New Mexico, wanted to open a cigar shop. The U.S. Embassy scheduled his appointment within a week and investor obtained his E-2 visa.
2010 A nationally known disc jockey, who had already obtained O-1 classification with the Law Firm of Marcelle, wanted to apply for Permanent Residency. The I-140 Petition was approved in 15 days.
2010 A UK based company specialized in the wholesale of hairstyling accessories opened a subsidiary in the U.S. and wanted to transfer its manager. The L-1A petition was approved by the Service Center in 4 business days.
2011 A French Chef applied for a direct green card petition without a sponsor based on extraordinary abilities. The Green Card Petition was approved in 6 days.
2011 Manager Multinational of a beauty salon in Miami was granted his green card. The Green Card Petition was approved in 4 months.