TN Visa

The TN status is for Canadian and Mexican citizens engaged in activities at a professional level.  This category is similar to H1-B visas except there is no statutory limitation on stay and it generally covers a broader range of jobs.


  • TN are normally admitted for 3 years but the determination of duration is at the discretion of the immigration officer. The application is made directly at the border upon first entry to the U.S. with a job offer and evidence of professional credentials.
  • Requirements

  • Nafta defines activities at a professional level as requiring at least a bachelor degree or appropriate credentials demonstrating status as a professional. Professional experience and diplomas are both considered for this category.  The regulations specify various categories of professional as well as the minimum qualifications for each profession covered by Appendix 1603. D. 1. Please note:  that self-employment is prohibited cannot own a controlling interest in the U.S. company offering employment.
  • USCIS narrowed down the grounds of entry of a person under the position of “Management Consultant” stating that the person should not be a regular, full time employee.